Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Loss

We all know by now muscle weighs more than fat. Would you rather lose 10 lbs of water and muscle, or lose 10 lbs of fat and look like you lost 20 lbs?

Nutrition Mechanics

Learn to earn the power of nutritional mechanics, how protein, fats and carbs are metabolized to provide energy. How much protein? How many carbs? Am I getting enough fat in my diet or too much? Learn about how your environment influences your appetite and "need" to eat.

Best Books

Recipes and meal plans are best acquired by experiential learning, to earn it you have to learn it!  New list coming soon!

Why would you?

"Why" may be the best question you can answer, and don't stop at the first answer, repeat until you are at the core of "why" you want a certain outcome from your efforts.

Nutrition Links

Looking for resources? Visit these sites soon, a great list is on the way!

Sports Nutrition

The higher the intensity the higher the need for carbohydrates. Low slow exertion requires a more fat focused diet. Learn how to monitor the intensity of your training and match your diet to meet the need of your sport or exercise.

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