Team Sports Services

Workshops for any team


  • Adopting  a Positive Growth Mindset *Becoming  a Better Teammate * Building Mental  Toughness * Coach-Athlete  Relationships
  • Controlling  the Controllables * Creating Stable Confidence * Dealing with  Adversity * Developing      Self-Awareness
  • Effective Communication  *Establishing Routines to Get Ready and  Staying Ready * Finding Meaning in  the Grind

  • Focused   Concentration * Getting the Most  Out of Practice *Handling Roles on a Team *Having Fun Competing
  • Increasing  Motivation *Letting Go of Mistakes *Managing Stress/Anxiety *Mentally Preparing *Overcoming Slumps
  • Recovering  from Injuries *Setting and  Achieving Goals *Sharpening      Imagery/Visualization
  • Team  Building and Forming Identity *Using Self-Talk to Help Not Hurt Performance

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