Performance Psychology with Mental Skills Training

Sport Psychology

Sport Psychology is all about developing mental skills, understanding your relationship with sports, exercise and health behaviors. Performance enhancement teaches how to be better at your sport and have more fun at your sport. Same with exercise and health psychology, how does your physical activity participation influence how you think feel and behave; and how does your thinking, feeling, and behaving influence your sport, exercise or health?

Team Buiding and Cohesion

Does your team focus and concentrate on what matters most? Do they play or work well together?

Exercise Psychology

Learn about why you do or why you don't stick with your exercise routine.  We will help you identify the type and intensity of physical activity that fits You!

Health Psychology

Trying to be healthy? Combine the best activity and nutrition menu for you.  Matching a diet plan to your level of physical activity leads to better mood, sleep, performance in all areas of ones life.

Mental Skills Training

Have you been unable to stick to that exercise routine? Do you want more mental toughness?  Psych out your opponent? Dealing with an injury? Would like to "keep your cool" during pressure situations? Do you get anxious before the triathlon swim? Does the idea of making a speech make you sweat? Mental skills Training helps you think, feel and behave the way you want and need to perform your Absolute best!


Is this "counseling"? or clinical psychology?   No, Performance psychology, sport psychology is based on educational psychology, helping people think better, to think like they want to think more often.

Will I be resting on a sofa and get analyzed?  No, the sport psychology we practice is helping you learn about yourself and how you interact wth sport, exercise and health.

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