Community Outreach -

Group Presentation- Oct 7 @ Elite Chiro Care 7121 95th OP, KS 7-9am

Are you part of a group that would benefit from a health, fitness or performance workshop?  Community Outreach workshops are free of charge.


Have an event that needs a speaker? Let us know, we offer 30, 60 and 90 minute presentation on Parents Roles in sport, Coaching leadership and more!


Coaching is about teaching and communication.  Leading those in your charge, how to motivate and inspire.

Our referred friends

Elite Chrio Care  7121 W 95th OP,  KS Personal Best Pilates, OP, KS

Olathe YMCA

Athletic Event Support

Many times a sport psychology consultant can help participants deal with the anxiety of competing or even finishing a marathon, triathlon, or even a 5K walk. Pre event sessions can help many deal with their stress.


Is there a fee for Community Outreach? No fees are charged for non-profit groups. and many other groups promoting healthy lifestyles are also eligible for free Community Outreach workshops or presentations.